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mPower MP100 – PH3


Portable gas detector for Phosphine 0-20 ppm, 0.01ppm resolution. 2 year waranty, recalibrate after 6 months



MP100 is a single sensor, portable, personal toxic gas monitor. It displays gas concentration continuously on a big segment LCD. It also monitors STEL, TWA, peak and min (for O2 only) value of the gas, and can be displayed on demand. High, Low, STEL, TWA alarm threshold values are configurable. The shell is made of high strength, durable material. Two key operation, simple to use. Sensor and battery can be replaced easily.


  • Measures Ph3 (Phosphine)
  •  Range 0-20 ppm
  •  Resolution 0.01
  • Alarm (Low/High) 0.3/15 ppm



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