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Draeger X-Plore 6300 Mask & Canister

Draeger X-Plore 6300 Mask to be used with Phosphine canister. Canisters are approved to 15ppm.

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For protection against possible eye damage from contact with Vikane or Methyl Bromide in the event of a hose or valve failure.

Price: $20.00

Safety Ropes & Harnesses

This full-body harness is essential for the safety of workers fumigating Grain Elevators as well as multiple story buildings.

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SCBA Breathing Apparatus

New as well as refurbished 30 minute-rated self contained breathing apparatus’s are available. This unit will enable the fumigator to enter the structure where the threshold limits are unknown or above the safe entry level. They come complete with carrying case, extra cylinders are also available.

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