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Draeger Pac 3500/7000

Gas detectors that measure low levels of Phosphine, Oxygen and Carbon Monoxide.

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Draeger Pump & Tubes

Draeger hand operated bellows pump is used to suck in gas samples and carries out a volume measurement with each stroke. There are over 200 different types of tubes available.

Methyl Bromide (0.5-30ppm) – Draeger Part #8101671
Phosphine (0.1-3ppm) – Draeger Part #8103711
Phosphine (50-1000ppm) – Draeger Part #CH21201
Sulfuryl Fluoride (1-5ppm) – Draeger Part #8103471
Accuro Pump – Draeger Part #6400000

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The Fumiscope Model 5.1 is designed for structural and commodity Methyl Bromide and Vikane fumigations. The digital display shows the concentration in ounces per 1000 cu. ft. Many readings may be taken in rapid succession or the instrument may be used for continuous monitoring.

Price: $2,400.00


The Interscan enables the fumigator to reoccupy the fumigated site after the Vikane or ProFume has been cleared to 1 ppm or less. The analyzer can be operated with either a battery pack or an AC power supply to run the unit. We also carry replacement batteries.

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TIF8800 Gas Leak Detector

Used to detect low levels of Methyl Bromide and Sulfuryl Flouride outside tarps and areas under fumigation.

Price: $325.00