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20 inch Fumigation Fan

Ideal for moving and clearing gas fumigant. 3 Speed; 2,800-4,550 CFM

Price: $65.00

5-Pound Methyl Bromide Dispenser

The 5-pound graduated scale dispenser attaches directly to the cylinder valve, to permit easy application of bulk Methyl Bromide for chamber, box car or tarpaulin fumigation. The dispenser is calibrated in 1/2 pound increments up to 5 pounds.

Price: $690.00

Burlap Bags

Ideal for hoisting flasks of aluminum phosphide in Grain Elevators.

Price: $3.00

Chloropicrin Pan & Cup

Used with the warning agent Chloropicrin to be placed in structures under Vikane fumigation.

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Corner Pads

Used on sharp corners of structures that will be covered with tarps to protect tarps.

Price: $20.00

Digital Laser Thermometer

Hand held point and shoot thermometer to measure ground temperature for Vikane fumigations.

Price: $65.00